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UFUNPAY Risk Management and Fraud Prevention

PCI Certified

Payment security and Fraud reduction are two of our top priorities. Safeguard your data against potential breaches through our secure network with no extra cost because we cover all PCI issues so that you don’t have to be PCI compliant

Risk Tools

Keep you and your business safe. Our anti-fraud features through our built-in machine learning capabilities help to spot fraudulent activities and any other suspicious transactions.

Blacklisting and Whitelisting

Our sophisticated tool helps our client in advance blacklisting. Eliminate suspicious customers by region, IP address, credit card details, etc. Blacklisted customer’s transactions will not be completed if our system identifies a match.

Minimize Chargeback

Protect your sales from chargebacks and other types of dispute through our artificial intelligence security tools

3D Secure

To make customers feel more safe a powerful verification process is in place to protect them. Our 3D Secure approach is designed to reduce fraud and chargeback so you can focus on increasing your sales.