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Recurring billing simplifies payments by securely storing card details on file and charges customers at a regular interval on time. allows merchants to automate payments that occur at set intervals.


How it will help your business?

  • Merchant can avoid data entry mistakes while decreasing both cost and time spent processing their billing files.

  • Merchant can also proactively help to reduce credit card declines and out-of-date card information by scheduling email alert notifications for soon to be expired credit cards or through the help of card updater.

  • Through robust tracking and reporting tools, Merchant have stronger insight into their customers analytics and recurring revenue. With UFUNPAY Tokenization, merchant can keep their stored customer payment information encrypted and secure.


Batch Processing

An easy and efficient online payment solution that allows you to schedule and process large transaction volumes in a single go. This is ideal for businesses processing large numbers of transactions that do not occur in real-time, such as recurring bill payments, memberships or subscriptions. It allows you to manage and schedule multiple customer card payments simultaneously by simply uploading a file into the secure Batch Processing portal. 

If you opt for batch processing you only collate a “batch file” containing details of the payments to be processed, and forward it for submission. Once this is complete, you will receive an electronic report contacting the outcome of each transaction. This system can be completely automated and reports can be customised to suit your needs.

How it Works

  • A secure method of processing your customers’ credit card payments

  • Accepts all major debit and credit cards: Visa and MasterCard and Union Pay International

  • Simply log on, upload and process multiple batches of transactions all at once for greater convenience and efficiency

  • All transactions are authorised online, offering a secure and efficient payment solution that can help reduce administration costs

  • Receive email notifications of batch processing completion with the ability to monitor the file processing from upload to completion