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The purpose of tokenization is to swap out sensitive data—typically payment card with a randomized number in the same format but with no intrinsic value of its own. This differs from encryption, where a number is mathematically changed, but its original pattern is still stored within the new code—known as format-preserving encryption. Tokenization is the process of removing sensitive data from your business systems by replacing it with an undecipherable token and storing the original data in a secure cloud data vault


For maximum security and compliance, tokenization allows you to outsource the handling and storage of sensitive data to a secure third party. Using UFUNPAY Tokenization platform, you can ensure your environment remains free of sensitive data to significantly reduce risk in the event of a breach.

UFUNPAY Tokenization platform is uniquely designed to accept and tokenize any sensitive data set, resulting in a comprehensive security and compliance solution that provides unparalleled flexibility for security professionals in insurance, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, membership, subscription and more.